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Study on Economic Impact of e-Health

Presently, despite the availability of e-Health systems and services, they are not yet widely used in real-life medical or health situations. A major reason why European and national policy goals have so far not been achieved with respect to e-health is that very little reliable evidence is available on the positive (economic and other) impacts of these innovations. The objectives of this project are:

  • to develop a generic assessment and evaluation framework and method, including measurement tools for quantitative indicators, for e-health products and services, focusing on optimising economic resource allocation;
  • identification of good practice examples of e-health applications across Member States which have relevance in the domain of this study (hospitals, regional networks)· integrating the experience and lessons learned from these examples into the method;
  • applying the method and measurement tools developed to 10 application sites reflecting the regional and health system diversity of the Union in the fields of hospitals and regional networks;

The results of the eHealth IMPACT study are made available by the European Commission in the publication
"eHealth is Worth it: The economic benefits of implemented eHealth solutions at ten European sites".
For a paper copy, please contact ehealth-impact(at)empirica.com.

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